Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013 Photo Bonanza!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was Easter. We had a great family day as you will see in the one million photos I post today. We had church and then we took a drive while Elise napped and Cordelia chillaxed (it's totally a word). Then back home to prep an Easter dinner.

My parents and youngest brother Sam arrived at 1 and we ate, went to the park, watched Cordelia hunt for Easter eggs (filled with vegan jellybeans). *For the record we don't do the Easter bunny business and the Easter egg hunt is purely a fun game for Cordelia...she does not think a gigantic magical bunny hides eggs in the yard. Eric and I just didn't feel right about telling untruths to our kids. Same with Santa and tooth fairy and chupacabra.

When the hunt was done we came back inside for more foooooood! My mom made a fantastic vegan pie and we matched it with some soy vanilla ice cream. Needless to say, dinner was skipped. Below is the photographic evidence of a day well spent. If you want MORE just hop on over to my mother's blog, click here.

Grandpa Mike and elise
My dad and Elise


Prepping dinner 


This is what I do when asked to pose

Lemon Asparagus tart

pickles and olives, required


Easter spread


Easter egg hunt

Eric and Cordelia

Eric and Cordelia 

Elise and GRandma Sue

Elise helped Grandma Sue with photos of the hunt

Cordelia Egg Hunting
Cordelia on the hunt


This is what Sam did during the egg hunt

Later in the day...

Easter Sisters
Easter sisters. Their hair reflects a fun and wild afternoon.

Elise Easter

Cordelia Easter
Desperate for more candy!

Elise Easter
Hope you had a lovely day.


Sarah Purdy said...

Love!!! The girls look adorable. Cordelia's sequined hat adds a nice touch of pizazz! Elise is so darn cute. The photos of you are beautiful. I love your new growing-out-the-bangs hair styles - so fresh! And the food...I'm drooling. What a lovely day you all had!

Anonymous said...

I love your hair!
The girls are cute in the dresses, are they new?
I remember when I was young, my mom bought new outfits for my brother and I for Easter mass. It was a tradition in our family going way back to great-great-grandmother days.

Michelle said...

Always love the photos. And I am so glad you expressed how you don't lie to your kids. Growing up. our family had lots of fun with Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc. But we always knew they were imaginary fun and Jesus was real. I used the same philosophy with my kids. They didn't miss any fun, and they never had to be disillusioned.Your kids are blessed in their parents!

Mom said...

It was a lovely day!

Stacy said...

Very cute! Glad you had a good Easter.

Maria Rose said...

Thank you for all of the compliments!
___Yes, Roxanne, the dresses were gifts from their Grandma!

Tina said...

Thank you! It looks like a wonderful day!

AKM said...

There is nothing like beautiful little girls in their Easter dresses. And beautiful big girls...I love your white outfit! So fresh for spring. You, your mama, your much loveliness in one family! I just love seeing the rest of your family when you post holiday pics.

Signed, AKM, your kindred pickle-and-olive-lover spirit. ;-)

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