Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

The farm where my father grew up.

Dear Dad,

Happy birthday to you! I am so happy you were born. The world is greatly improved by your presence. Your never-ending devotion to your work is something that has many of us awestruck.Seriously, you never complain about the looong hours or the emotional demands of your work. I don't know anyone else who could/would do that to the same degree. Your parishioners are always telling me how you are not just liked, but loved. You are a great man. You are kind and thoughtful. You are a great listener. You have the weirdest sense of humor...possibly ever and we love it.

You have been such a good father. You have this knack of knowing just what I need. Sometimes a hug or a bad joke. Sometimes just someone to talk with. You have shown me what it is to be a man, a kind and intelligent man.

Of all the things you excel at I take the greatest joy in watching you be a grandfather. You do it right. The girls adore you in a way that words can never express. You are fun and gentle and just the tiniest bit scary (wild jumping on the netted trampoline with bouncing balls), pretty much everything a girl could want in a grandfather. I know they are just getting to understand what a great man you are, but man alive do they love you.

I wish you the happiest of days. I love you so much dad.


Michelle said...

The greatest gifts any parent can give to his/her children are to love the other parent and to give of him/herself in time, love, and attention to the children. You are so blessed in your parents. And, even better, are wise enough to know it and to pass that kind of parenting to your children. Blessing running through generations.

Mom said...

So beautifully said...I am typing through tears, yet again.

Sarah Purdy said...

What a sweet birthday message. Happy birthday Mike!

Stacy said...

Happy birthday to your dad!

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