Thursday, May 9, 2013

First World Problems

This photo is totally unrelated to this post FYI

My friend Kate had a great blog post about first world problems and I wanted to copy! Sometimes I find myself complaining about the silliest nonsense and suddenly I am smacked in the face with some serious perspective. My problems are all nonsense. So, here I will unload my first world problems in an attempt to get a fresh smack in the face.
  • I have too much laundry to put away.  Seriously, it is out of control. I poured all of the laundry into the crib, thinking that would force me to clean up before bed. Nope, Elise just slept in her bassinet. So now I have to deal with putting away 4 loads of laundry.
  • I can't seem to find enough time to paint as much as I'd like. Don't even get me started about finding an affordable rental studio space. Le sigh.
  • My front garden area is not bringing me satisfaction. I just don't know what to do with this awkward space. I have actually laid awake at night trying to figure it out. 
  • Student loans!
  • My hair is boring to me. I am sure this one is really vexing to you as well.
  • I have a strange dry patch on the top of one big toe. Ugh, how much more can a woman take?!
  • The driver's side window on our car won't roll down...or it will roll down, but not back up. We could fix this problem, but we are too lazy.
  • Bumblebee's toenails are long and I just cannot be expected to trim them today. I cannot....oh OK I might. 
  • Elise just spit up into her hands, smiled, clapped. Thanks kid.
  • Ophelia poops next to the litter box. Why?! She is able to urinate inside the box, but poop in there? NEVER.

What are your first world problems?


Tammie said...

ha. i love this idea. i might have to steal it at some point.

Sarah Purdy said...

I love this idea. My number one first world problem this week has been lack of blog fodder and inspiration so I shall steal this idea. First world problem #1: solved!

Kate said...

So, I just failed a really important final, (no, I'm not being melodramatic. It was Dysphagia, and I am 100% certain I got all questions NOT pertaining to the cranial nerves wrong. Sigh. Live and learn.) Clicked over to your blog and immediately laughed. Love these time a billion.

Emily said...

Mike and I constantly remind ourselves of our "first world problems" and gain a little perspective. I will join you in the dissatisfaction of my front flowerbeds. They are bad. And I can't seem to find a face wash that I like, so my face feels oily and pimply like a 13 year old. Whahhhh!!!! Poor me!

Victoria said...

Ok, let me take a stab at this:
~Get out your DVD of Sound of Music, place the laundry in front of you and fold while you watch/sing
~Get up 1 hour before the girls and paint
~Send me a photo of your front"garden" area, maybe I can come up with an idea
~Your hair is lovely, however...know the feeling. Maybe some highlights??
~Student Loans!(Negotiate a lower interest rate...??)
~Big toe...hmmm Keens sandals with the toe guard?
~Make the car window a annoying!
~Puppy nails...just Do It
~Elise, put this one in the baby book and focus on that cute face
~Ophelia....get a bigger cat box?
And through it all...remember that we love you all, to the moon and back!

AKM said...

None today, believe it or not! School is done until August, I have my car back, I had a lovely visit with your mama recently, and I'm at work on a rainy day eating pureed spicy tomato soup and listening to George Harrison. Life is good!

But ask me again tomorrow. ;-)

Daphne said...

1. I can't get anything to grow in two of my flower beds, not even nasturtiums

2. Half of the strawberries I just bought are bruised

3. I'm too busy having fun to figure out time to steam-clean the carpet

4. I just dyed my hair and I have to figure out new makeup to go with it.

First world problems of the finest order!

Anonymous said...

- Okay, I laughed out loud at Elise and and the hand clapping!
- I love your long hair! maybe like Victoria mentioned, some highlights?
- If your car has Air Conditioning, who cares about the window? Unless you go to a drive through...
- The laundry... Is there a reason for not shoving them in a drawer and forget about folding them... oh yeah... civilization.
- Ophelia, my friend has a dog, a mini-doberman, who does the same thing. She pees on the pee-pee pads, but poops outside the box. I guess the pee and the poo can't be mixed? Who knows what goes on in their minds!

Michelle said...

LOL! Thanks. (You have a great garden designer in your Grandma Grace....)

Anne Marie said...

Haha, LOVED this post!

Stacy said...

I have a strange dry spot on the top of a big toe too!!!! Is it your left foot? Because if so, we might be toe twins! ;-)

Maria Rose said...

Yes! Left toe.

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