Friday, May 17, 2013

Last Day of School

Perhaps you recall this post from Cordelia's first day of preschool. I remember feeling such a heart wrenching pain as I let my first born child go out on her own. I remember those tears hot and heavy, running down my face as soon as I made it out the door. I remember gazing down at my two month old baby and thinking that I could tell she too would insist on growing up. How agonizing and wonderful it is to watch children grow.

Last day

Over the course of the school year I have watched Cordelia develop. She's made friends. She adores her teacher. She knows things that I didn't teach her.

When we dropped her off for her last day of school she was met with happy squeals and greetings from friends. She was so excited to arrive and sad that she had to take the summer off. Her gigantic backpack was a little less gigantic. Her face a little less baby-ish.

Last day

She is a kid now.  If you ask her she is almost a big I suppose today is a good day to get a big girl bed.


Emily said...

I love her messy bun. It's a very big kid hairdo if you ask me! :) Enjoy your summer off, Cordy!

Mom said...

Yep, blink a time or two and she will be a big kid for sure. It is so fun to watch her grow and change!

As you know, some mothers are still crying when they drop their children off for college! It is all so bitter sweet, just as it should be.

elizabeth said...

she is so spunky and sweet!

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