Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mom School

mom school

Cordelia is out of preschool for the summer, sure it was just a total of 6 hours a week, but she loved it. With a little less going on in our lives I was looking to include a bit more structure into our days. So, in a effort to keep the learning going I have started MOM SCHOOL. This is also an attempt on my part to see if home school might be a possibility for us in the future. Yesterday was day one. Cordelia was very excited about the whole thing. I had gotten her jazzed up about it the night before. I picked up a couple of curriculum books and workbooks to help guide me and give me some new ideas.

Yesterday morning, after breakfast and blogging we dove right in. For day one we focused on the body. We had "morning circle," and spent a few hours trying to cover the subject in several different ways. My personal favorite was when we traced her form on a sheet of paper and I had her color it. The first thing she drew in....poop and potty. That's my girl, we're earthy up in here.

mom school

Enthusiasm never waned. We read books, we did exercises, we had a great time.  Elise was into it her own special baby way. I think day one was a huge success. Cordelia was eager to start up again today. So I had better get to it. Have you ever tried anything like this? Any recommendations?


Anonymous said...

I had taught my son until public school(money was a factor, couldn't stay home with no income as a single parent) he was reading by age 2 and he was reading novels by age 5.
What I did that was fun was that we had a blackboard wall. The wall was painted black and we had colored chalk. I used that board like a teacher would, had math problems on there, had grammar, spelling, everything just like a teacher.
The thing he remembers the most is I had a space to the top right corner for the day. Here it had the date (example - Wednesday, October 3) and the weather outside. We would actually go outside to check the weather and come back in and draw a sun, rainclouds, snow etc...
I really enjoyed it very much. But since I wasn't financially capable, I couldn't continue.

Mom said...

I love it! Your girls are very lucky indeed. Your mom is very proud of you.

Anne Marie said...

I can highly recommend a book called "Reading Reflex". Perfect for teaching children to read...Did it with Megan and I used it all the time with my at risk kindergarteners and 1st graders needing a boost. Start with the beginning, do one lesson per day, and just progress as Cordy is ready. She will develop strong reading skills by going through this program. She is a lot like Megan in so many ways, I'll be she devours the lessons, too.

Cupcakery said...

Your girls are very lucky to have a Mom like you. I love how you have themes and lessons... routine is such an important part of development. iT's great to see you sticking to it :)

Sarah Purdy said...

What a wonderful idea! I love it and I know Cordy -and Elise- will really benefit from their special Mom School time.

Kate said...

I've done it nearly every day for almost 8 years and I refuse to believe a momma and artist such as yourself needs any recommendations!! Have fun!

elizabeth said...

we love our mom-school,
mom being mindful of teachable moments ,
learning at home
thing we have going on here. :)

i bet you'll love what you're doing, too!

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