Saturday, August 24, 2013


Do you remember that I am working my way through a bag a day (click here)? Well things are moving along swimmingly. I am exceeding my own goals and I am being cut throat as I clear out the house! It feels amazing.

Yesterday I started tackling the girl's room. Specifically I started on the clothing situation. You see I had a hunch that I would have two girls so I saved all of Cordelia's outfits. I have sorted them into tubs. Currently 18 months, 24mos. and 2T, 3T. So I think you can guess that we have loads of clothes. I decided to sort through those clothes and free up some space, saving only the really charming clothes and passing along the things that were not particularly wonderful.

I started out by organizing everything into nice orderly piles. Unfortunately Cordelia, Betty Sprinkles, and Elise had different ideas. Bumblebee was cool and just rested quietly in the corner as the chaos unfolded. When Eric came home from work he opened the door to a nice tidy home. Then he followed the voices up to the girl's bedroom and found this---queue the theme from Psycho:

Photo by E.K.Wimmer

Cordelia, in an instant, tossed clothes in her joyfull play. Betty burrowed and rolled. Elise traipsed around with hats and shoes. Before I knew it things were solidly out of control. Eventually things were sorted and the room was put in nice tidy order with far fewer things.


Sarah Purdy said...

This is an awesome picture! Also, I love your dress.

Rachel said...

looks like a wonderful chaos!!! and you look lovely in your dress amongst it all!! =)

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