Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jennifer's Visit 4

If you are just tuning in check back over the past few days to catch up!

Jennifer's last day was jam packed with loads  of fun

Jennifer was pulled into "pea picking" with Cordelia. She likes to pick the green berries that grow on the Virginia creeper. She knows not to eat them and Cordelia does too, so it is fine by me.

"Pea picking" Jennifer's a good sport!

An afternoon visit to the Historic Trails Museum was a real treat for all involved. I had never been there are really appreciated the interactive elements that entertained the girls. Cordelia was super into it and I think Jennifer enjoyed the museum as well.

Jennifer's visit

Jennifer's visit
View from the museum

Jennifer's visit
Jennifer at historic trails

Jennifer's visit
Jennifer pushing the handcart. There is a treadmill below and it is hard to push. I tried while wearing heels and holding Elise. I was unsuccessful.

Jennifer's visit
Cordelia, riding the simulated covered wagon river crossing.

Jennifer's visit
Elise enjoying her independence

We met up with my family for a picnic by the river. It was sort of non-traditional as we had take-out instead of a picnic basket. Easier that way!

Our crew

Eating my dinner with class

Jennifer, Elise and I

After dinner we watched kayakers and strolled along the river.




Jennifer's visit
My Dad with the girls

Read more here on my mother's blog

Our last outing of the night was high class; we stopped by Corridor Gallery for an opening by Rebecca Weed. Gallery owner and artist Zachary Pullen made Cordelia feel extra special by giving her jumping lessons and letting her ride one of the bronze statues downtown.

Jennifer's visit
Photo by Z. Pullen

We closed out the day with a final couple games of Farkle. Eric wore the Farkle crown, but ended up handing it over to me.

Jennifer's visit


Anonymous said...

What a fun day!
I agree with you eating your meal with class, because with those glasses, you look like a movie star!

Victoria said...

What a bunch of fun!!

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