Saturday, October 26, 2013


Last night, hours after we were cleared as non-contagious, Eric and I went to a masquerade ball. Normally this would not have happened as neither of us was feeling our very best, but Eric was playing at the ball and I almost never get to see Eric's band play. We gave it our best and ended up having a lovely evening.

We decided to really go for it, if we were going. Eric pulled out his prom tux (see here) and switched to new pants as he is a bit taller than he was at 17. I wore a new ball gown that I had acquired as an option for a recent art ball. A few hours before the event I realized that no self-respecting artist could go to a masquerade with a store bought mask so I mustered up what little energy I had made my own (tutorial to come).


Me, the girls really wanted in on the action. Cordelia was sooo interested in the ball and asked for photos the moment she woke up.

My mother put the girls to sleep and obliged me with several updated texts throughout the evening. Have I mentioned how awesome my mother is? She is, FYI.

 Masquerade 2013
Eric and I outside of the ballroom

Masquerade 2013
The spooky emcee for the night

More than anything I was excited to see Sarah, we haven't been able to meet up for some time (illness, guests, travel, illness, work, etc.) So I was eagerly watching the door for her arrival.

Masquerade 2013
Sarah and I take on Le Masquerade

 Masquerade 2013
Our spouses Eric and Josh

Masquerade 2013
The Foreign Life (click here), Eric's band. He's the hunk on the drums.

 Masquerade 2013
Speed the Pilgrim (click here) rocking people's faces off

Masquerade 2013
Members of both bands congregate on stage for a rousing rendition of Ghostbusters by Speed the Pilgrim

The bands were so great. The night was fun. Lots of friends were there, but it was surprisingly difficult to spot everyone in costume. A fun challenge. Eric and I headed out pretty early and went home to return to the business of recovering from strep throat.


Mom said...

You look like a princess with your prince!

Sarah Purdy said...

Such a fun night! So glad you're feeling better.

Marie Roxanne said...

You won't regret going out even if you were sick.
Both of you look awesome! I love the homemade masks. I am always happy to see homemade stuff instead of store bought. Just makes the whole affair worth going.

Emily said...

Everyone looks amazing and looks like a really fun night! :)

Michelle said...

It is a very cool mask! Love that eyeliner.

affectioknit said...

Awesome costumes...looks like fun!

~Have a lovely day!

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