Thursday, November 14, 2013

Scarf Box

So I am going to come out and admit it here and now. When I first became a mother I had never heard of the term sensory play (gasp in horror if you must). I mean, obviously it is self-explanatory and something most parents do intuitively, but I didn't know it was like a thing with a name. It's sort of like calling hair brushing follicular's something we all do, but some genius decided to name it.

Anyway, when a mother at story time at the library happened to talk about her baby and sensory play I was confused. What was this business of sensory play? Was there something I didn't know? Would my child be behind in life because I hadn't kept up on the terminology?

OK I totally did not ask those questions, that is not me. I was vaguely interested and googled the term and realized that it was exactly as it sounded, play that engages the senses. Something every parent does without trying. Just hand your kid keys while you are in line at the grocery store and boom, sensory play.

Anyway I don't mean to sound snarky about it, because we love us some sensory play and the whole point of this post is to show you some totally adorable (totz adorbs?) photos of my girls engaging in some sensory play. We enjoy our scarf box around here. It is a box of my scarves, not something I specially made for the girls. They just haul out my vintage scarves and twirl and play dress up and peek-a-boo, it's awesome and they can go at it for a long time.

scarf box
Here we have Elise discovering the box.

scarf box
She examines a scarf tentatively

scarf box
She realizes that there are more, many more

scarf box
She digs in, adorable.

scarf box
Cordelia gets in on the action, adorable

scarf box
I answer the call of the scarves and put one on myself

scarf box
Elise is not happy when I put a scarf on, not at all

scarf box
Then we put all of the scarves onto Cordelia

scarf box
She looks like a post-apocalyptic gypsy from Beyond the Thunderdome

scarf box
A really charming post apocalyptic gypsy

scarf box
Elise was not impressed and she was all, "wwwwaaaaahhh." and I was like, "quit being a baby." Not really, I just pulled her into my lap for snuggles and this....
scarf box

Now I must bid you adieu and engage in some follicular massage.


Sarah Purdy said...

Such a great idea and you're right - it is totz adorbs. I also love your sassy tone in this post. Cracks me up.

Emily said...

Hope you had a good follicular massage. Yay for scarves and cute little girls!

Victoria said...

Love me some cosmic grand girls wrapped in scarves!!

elizabeth said...

i am with you on the whole naming the playing thing. what and why. just play with your kiddos! like you do. you and they are pretty awesome. :)

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