Wednesday, December 11, 2013


This morning, before the sun was up, I was sitting on the bathroom floor with the girls while Cordelia brushed Elise's hair. Elise had grabbed the brush and handed it to her big sister saying, "Brush." Cordelia was happy to oblige and helped get "all of the dirty tangles out."


Sometimes as a parent I feel like I spend most of my time saying, "NO!"

"No Elise don't put those refried beans into your hair!'

"No Cordelia, don't try and lift Elise by her neck!"

"No jumping on the couch!"

"No eating mystery objects from the floor!"

So when the girls settle into something positive I am so relieved to just be able to encourage.


Oh, and it is such a joy to encourage these small moments that are laying down the foundation for a lifetime of friendship and support.


As Elise is growing Eric and I are beginning to see more and more of these moments, two sisters being sisters. They are already learning to share with varying degrees of success.


Elise is totally in awe of her big sister and will often look to her sister for ideas or encouragement. If Cordelia is wearing a hat or a dress then Elise wants to do the same. I will also note that Elise is extremely independent and doesn't just fall in line, much to Cordelia's disappointment, but Cordelia is held in the highest esteem.


Oh, and in case I haven't mentioned it, Elise calls Cordelia, Delia and Cordelia calls Elise, Elise-y pew.


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Emily said...

That sister bond is so amazing. Fierce, loyal and true!

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