Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ever So Random

We often stop in to visit my dad at his work. He gives the girls rides on a rolling coat rack. No, Elise does not have a cigarette, that's a sucker people. Those girls are crazy about their grandfather!

Fact: I love to shout/sing along with this song using a thick Russian accent, don't ask me why. Try it.

Sorry, I know that's a little irreverent as I suspect Eddy Grant was making a point...sorry Eddy. Just try sing shouting your song in a thick Russian accent and perhaps you will understand.

My friend Sarah just announced the winner of the second annual princess pose-off. Anne was the winner, with a real gem. My girls entered, but really Anne just ran away with the win. Check it out by clicking here.

My mother watched the girls last night while Eric and I entertained some guests. Check out this post.

I was super jazzed to bite into my toast this morning and I scraped the roof of my mouth and now I have that annoying thing where I can't leave the scrape alone. Lame-o.

What is random with you today?

1 comment:

Sarah Purdy said...

Love the random day posts. I'll have to think of a random thing to share...

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