Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Morning Things

My first effort at a herringbone braid on Cordelia. She managed to sit mostly still through the process so it felt like a win. When she saw the picture she said, "So, it's like a normal braid?" Here is a little tutorial if you want to try it.

I am trying to decide if I should return to caffeine. I gave it up over five years ago while pregnant with Cordelia. It was hard! Through nursing and knowing that I was planning a second pregnancy I never went back. Now I am in a position to make a choice. To caffeinate or not to caffeinate that is the question.
My morning manatea. Surprisingly the cup was a thrift store find and was made by a well-known regional artist! You may recall last week when I was gifted with a manatee tea infuser. Coincidentally my second cousin Anne had picked up the same thing for me! So now I have a pair and I am planning to paint one a little bow and the other may give the other a monocle and mustache. If you need one, and how could you possibly live without, they can be found here.

This wooden fox was a major score at Target. I found it sitting on the clearance endcap for the whopping price of $1.63.  I love a good bargain so much that I feel like I need to shout it from the rooftops, or at least post it here on my blog. I wish I could link to the fox, but I couldn't find it any longer so it must be out of stock.

I really love air plants. Are you with me? I once traveled with one in a suitcase from Arizona to Wyoming, I still have her to this day.  I give them a bath once a week, sometimes twice if I am feeling crazy. I let them soak in a bit of fertilizer once a month. They are so easy to care for and their shapes just inspire me. Find your own here.


Michelle said...

Cordelia's response may have been a little disappointing, but your herringbone braid impressed me! I have trouble with just a little old pigtail-type braid. Never even learned to French braid when Anne Marie was young and had long hair.

And that Manatea is just too cute for words. The fox is definitely eye-pleasing and just the photo makes me want to pick it up and caress the smooth wood.

In other words, I did enjoy your Thursday Morning Things!

Melodee said...

Major score on the fox! I saw them at my Target when they first came out and loved it, but then they never had them after that - just the darker wooden squirrel. I really like many of your Kingdom series paintings, but think the fox is my favorite.

Sarah Purdy said...

Mr. Manatee and Mr. Fox! I love. Monacles and bows are most necessary. Air plants...not so much. Mostly because they are living. And require my attention. Nothing personal, Airies.

affectioknit said...

Love the braid...that's how we used to braid our horses' tails...

~Have a lovely day!

Pam Brewer said...

I vote for returning to caffeine. The drug of the gods!

elizabeth said...

i like your happy thursday randomness. :)

maddie and i call that braid a "fish tail" :)

and i love coffee - maybe you should, too! :)

also - i have your paintings in our living room - and still love them very much! and i have a flowers and grey sky photo you took hanging in our bathroom - where i see it every morning as i get ready for the day. some of my very favorite pieces of art!

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