Wednesday, April 9, 2014

And it is so Worth the Wait

**No photos in this post are from yesterday as it is still brown outside, there is green to be found if you squint, but these pics really capture the mood.

Last night was wonderful, heck all day yesterday was pretty spectacular. The weather was perfect. We drove around with the windows rolled down, breeze in our hair. We opened doors and windows. I think probably a thick yellow fog of winter air (dog farts and diapers) dispersed into the atmosphere. Fresh cool air filled up our home. The dogs lounged in the yard, lazily woofing at the occasional squirrel (something I fully support) and looking for gross yard stuff to eat, because they are dogs. The girls were angels, no crazy meltdowns or bizarre behavior to mess with the mood of the day. It was fantastic.

spring buds 6

Sometime around 3 I loaded up the girls into the stroller. I leashed up the dogs, one in each hand as I pushed the heavily laden stroller. Seriously folks it is quite a thing to watch, people will stop their cars to stare as I make my way through the neighborhood, one person leading four others with only the power of my alpha-ness to control the whole shebang. We took at least an hour, meandering through the labyrinth of our neighborhood. Cordelia and I played I-spy. Playing that game with a four year old goes something like this...Cordelia looks at a red house and says, "I see something that is red." Or she stares at a cloud and says, "I see something white in the sky." So, it's pretty easy to keep up. Elise is happy to just look around and chillax, a major shift from the baby who would howl for an entire walk for the last two summers. The dogs were happy to plod along at their basset-y pace, stopping to smell stuff and pee on the sidewalk. There is this obnoxious standard poodle named Noodles near our house and he barks incessantly at us, Bumblebee always stops to relieve herself by his fence, it's kind of funny---if you're into that kind of humor.


Later we worked in the back yard. This year the winter clean up is extra special thanks to the major, limb breaking, storms that hit over the winter. There were thousands of tiny broken branches and leaves to be dealt with, in the aftermath of the storms we were focused primarily on cleaning up large branches and now we face the insane task of cleaning up everything else. It's happening and it feels so good to get out there and do some manual labor, to feel the dirt and the air, and to smell the decay of leaves and to see the new plants poking up through the brown grass of last year. Oh it is so close. We stayed outside for ages today and the girls got so dirty. I saw them grinding soil into their hair and eating dirt. I didn't really try to stop them as it seemed to make sense after such a very long winter.

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