Monday, April 7, 2014

Pre-School Performance

Yesterday Cordelia had a pre-school performance. She has been practicing the songs and their accompanying hand jives for weeks (a welcome break from the still relentless singing of Let It Go), Elise even knows much of the music and motions from careful study of her big sister. The whole family (minus Ben and Sara who insist on living a bazillion miles away---some nonsense about a PhD in bioinformatics, kidding) was there to watch the show.

Cordelia had gone to bed quietly the night before because she needed to "rest up" and "be ready" for the big show. When she woke up yesterday morning she was ready and raring to go. She wolfed down her leftover pancakes, pausing occasionally to practice her songs. She picked an outfit that had a match in her sister's size, so that everyone would know that she and Elise are sisters (so sweet). Then she chose "the hat with the jewel," a hat that once belong to her great great grandmother Rose. She wears the hat regularly and feels quite special when she sports that classic beauty...and she should as it garners a LOT of attention and many compliments from people we know and even passers-by who are just too charmed by the little girl in the big hat.

Cordelia loves to put on a show (#futuretheatermajor #helpus), but she kind of froze up during the performance. She mostly did her thing, but with a lot less of the unbridled enthusiasm that we see at home. When she talked about it later she mentioned that she was a bit nervous in front of so many people, and there were a LOT of people there to watch the kids. She dramatically pulled her hat over her face at the end of one performance, sort of a diva move on her part, ten points for style. She nervously yawned. She stared and stared into the audience. She waved sweetly. She smiled. Her nose was picked. I didn't mind the nose picking so much as the girl behind  hiked up her own ensemble and scratched her bare bum nonchalantly as she sang. Ahh parenthood. I looked around at the audience of parents and grandparents, all of us with silly grins pasted on our faces as we joyfully watched our little children do their thing.

My mom and Elise



Marie Roxanne said...

At least you saw what she is capable of. Maybe if she goes to more performances, she will begin to lose the nervousness and enjoy herself and not "see" the audience.

Sarah Purdy said...

Glad it was a success! That dress is adorable!

harvTrabbit said...

She did look a little scared, but just a couple more preformances and she will be ready for the big time...Wish I could have been there for it...

Maria Rose said...

Who are you harvTrabbit?

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