Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lucy Update

I promised you an update on out newly adopted kitten, Lucy. So let's start at the beginning shall we?

Last week we brought her home at kind of a weird time. Our house's normal stasis was a bit disrupted as we were watching my parent's dog for the week. 

So we initially set Lucy up in a kennel in the guest room for the first night. We wanted her to have a safe place while she got used to the scents and sounds of our home. We left her kennel open all day, just keeping her in there overnight. The other animals were not allowed in that room.

Next we introduced both cats to each other's scents and then to each other. Opehlia, our older cat, did some hissing, but with no real conviction. Lucy was too sweet. She was calm and purred and seemed totally at ease with the situation.

Meanwhile we, humans, were all falling in love with her sweet and fun personality. She is always happy to purr and play.

So after the second night we moved the kennel to the studio, our basement. We moved Ophelia there as well. The basement  laundry room is where the cat box and food is kept, behind a doggie gate. Seemed like a good starting point for Lucy to get a lay of the land. For a short while we kept Lucy in the kennel while we got a feel for how Ophelia was doing. We certainly didn't want a cat fight. 

Slowly, as we felt confident that both cats were pretty calm, we let Lucy out. She had her kennel open to retreat to if she felt the need. We also put her in the kennel one last night to ensure that all was safe and harmonious between the cats.

Over the last few days both cats have hung out in the basement. Ophelia seems to have regained her interest in the world. She has been totally entertained by Lucy and they are absolutely forming a positive relationship. Now, they will sleep next to each other! Good stuff is happening!

Finally, my parents returned from their trip yesterday and took their dog back home. We were ready to introduce our dogs Betty and Bumblebee to Lucy. Well, we had let them see and smell her over the course of the week, but now we opened up the basement so cats and dogs could freely roam. We know our dogs well enough to know that they pose little threat to Lucy, but we are still watching closely to ensure that all parties are safe and comfortable.

Lucy is totally bold and calm. She has good sense, but also doesn't let the dogs scare her. The dogs are obnoxious about smelling her and crowding her space for the moment, but soon things will settle in and all will be harmonious I am sure!


Anonymous said...

Dem be some cool cats chillin'

Sarah Purdy said...

She's adorable. I'll admit. Still. I'm skeptical that she isn't planning something completely devious and destructive. Because: cats.

Stacy said...

So good to hear!!

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