Thursday, August 28, 2014



Me: Cordelia how has your summer been?
Cordelia: Great!
Me: Tell me some of the things you have done.
Cordelia: I went swimming with Grandma. I sent up a pony stand for Elise. Mommy painted a zebra painting above my bed with a crown on its head. 
Me: Did you travel much?
Cordelia: I traveled plenty of times.
Me: Where did you go?
Cordelia: I went to New Mexico. I stayed there for one (10) night and had a dinner. I went to um, uh, Denver.  That's it.
Me: I think you are forgetting some places.
Cordelia: Ugh! (Rolls on bed and zones me out.)
Me: What are you holding?
Cordelia: Fluff! He's my (stuffed animal) dog! I got him in Denver and he is the best puppy in the whole world.
Me: I thought Fluff was a girl.
Cordelia: Oh yeah, she is the best!
Me: You adopted a kitty this summer. Can you tell me about her?
Cordelia: Her name is Lucy Scratch-n-Sniff Sparkles Wimmer. She has blue eyes and white fur. She has black on the tip of her tail. She is ten years old (or 3 months).
Me: Is there anything else you want to do before summer is over?
Cordelia: I want to have a day and night with Grandma and go swimming. I want to see mommy painting more animals.
Cordelia: Now I am going to interview you. Mommy, why did you dye your hair red?
Me: I don't have a great reason. I just felt like it.
Cordelia: Why did you want to have two kids?
Me: Um, your dad and I thought two kids seemed like the right number for us.
Cordelia: Why did you adopt two dogs?
Me: I think we got two dogs because we didn't want Bumblebee to feel lonely.
Cordelia: Why did you adopt Lucy when Mia was dead?
Me: Well, we waited a long time after Mia died and it seemed like Ophelia would appreciate some company. Also we have a nice home and we like to rescue animals so they can have happy lives with our family.
Cordelia: Um, ok so why did you want to give me a really old camera?
Me: Your dad is the one who gave you our old digital point and shoot so that you could learn to take photos.
Cordelia: That is my whole interview.


Me: How are you Elise?
Elise: Good.
Me: What are you doing now?
Elise: This!  Playing.
Me: What do you want to do today?
Elise: I want to play sleep. (Zones me out) Delia, can you tuck me in? Turn light off!
(Cordelia tucks her in an they pretend it is bed time. Cordelia turns the light off sits in rocking chair and sings to Elise).
Me: What is your favorite food?
Elise: Um, beggie (veggie) burgers.
Me: Are you happy Elise?
Elise: (waves flashlight that Cordelia has handed to her) No, I need this toy. (Here she totally tunes me out and plays with her sister.


Sarah Purdy said...

What a sweet interview!

Marie Roxanne said...

Interviews have their own agenda don't they?
Totally love the one with Cordelia interviewing you, insightful girl.

Tammie said...

hahah. this is adorable

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