Friday, August 29, 2014

Phone Photo Friday

Photo tiiiiime

The other day it was rainy and Elise insisted on wearing undies and a raincoat around the house all morning.

Eric likes his job.

Bode, he is my parents' dog, often visits.

My children nearly always have food on their faces.

See what I mean.

Feeling crafty.


Betty Sprinkles

Eggplant from the garden of a friend.

A few of the many delectable tomatoes we have been pulling from our garden.

Eric and I with our friend extremely talented frend Gabby (more on her soon)...another vegan artist living (sometimes) in Wyoming!

How has your week been?

1 comment:

Marie Roxanne said...

My week has been not so good, but I am alive and kicking and that means I will survive. I like the way Eric looked at the painting.... funny.

Interesting little tidbit, I was wondering why Elise had a Ritz cracker as I thought they were not vegan, AND I was partially right... In Canada, they add cheddar cheese, in the US and UK they are vegan... go figure? here is a link about different ingredients of the SAME foods from different countries ...

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