Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Little Things

Wow! School has started and I find myself in neck deep. I am teaching a lot. I am continuing on with art deadlines, household duties, lesson planning for painting class, private lessons, and training for an online course at another school. I am busy! I am trying to work hard and give everything my very best effort. I am continuing my practice of listing of the daily good things to help me keep my perspective and feel focused on the good bits so easily missed when things are moving quickly. So here are a few of my good things today:

Cordelia crawling into bed for a 6am snuggle. She brushes the hair out of my face and snuggles up close.

Betty Sprinkles' elation that we have broken out the space heater for mornings that aren't quite cool enough to justify turning on the heater.

Apples, so many apples, waiting to be picked.

Elise wearing a raincoat with no pants (wait for phone photo Friday).

An unexpected gift from a friend. A sugar skull scarf from my friend Amber.

Ophelia begrudgingly purring.

An overcast day! I do love a gloomy day.

Bumblebee snoring. I love that old dog.

Being part of a very strong community.

Art! Finishing several new pieces over the past few weeks.

Living close to my parents and our weird weekly mall lunch.

A kitten who brings such joy to our family.

Fresh tomatoes from the garden! So many and so good.

Oh and this old photo I found of Eric and I.



Emily said...

Your plate is full, but your cup runneth over. :)

Marie Roxanne said...

school has started already? I don't think ours start until September 2, unless it's just the teachers and the students start next week....
take care of yourself or you will go bonker crazies!

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