Saturday, September 13, 2014


Oh yeah!

-I don't love popcorn. I mean it is fine, but mostly it is just salty air.

- I love to drink vinegar. It makes me sweat, but I can just gulp it down. Eric is unsettled by this phenomenon and will hide vinegar from me.

- I don't know if I have mentioned this before, probably have, but here it comes again. I HATE inflatable animals and I want to bite them. See this? I want to bite it. This one? Yep, want to bite it.

-I am terrified of trimming my dog's toenails. I always make them bleed (just a tiny bit) and yelp. It is a horror show.

- Our house has a weird half/basement thing. it isn't a crawlspace as you can mostly stand up, it is more like a hunchspace. Anyway, it frightens me.

-I was disappointed in my broccoli this year, you know the stuff I grew in my garden. I found myself berating the broccoli. Not my coolest moment.

-I am naturally a total slob, but I love my husband who is a neatnik and I see the value in a clean home. I do clean All. The. Time. So I have little acts of rebellion. For instance, I leave the lid off of my chocolate chips (sub-confession I have a box of chocolate chips that I got through on a weekly/two-weekly basis) and when Eric asks, "Can you try and close the lid?" I say, as kindly as possible, "Probably not." 

- I am a total Francophile. I want to go to France again so very badly. In a million years when we have no student loans I look forward to extended vacations there, or even living there part time....but really I probably will pass away before I pay off my student debt.

- I am obsessed with noses. I looove to look at interesting noses. For me the perfect nose is just a bit imperfect. Perhaps it leans to one side, is a little large, has uneven nostrils (you probably do!), but best of all a slight bump! Lovely. Nothing is more dull to me than a perfect nose.

-I totally lied there, MANY things are more dull than a perfect nose. For example: listening to Robert Stack read Ulysses in a whisper, while interesting at first I am certain it would soon become quite dull---wait, is he dead? If he is dead and whisper reading Ulysses then it is interesting. Slow blinks are pretty dull. Gum chewing, dull. Elbow scratches, dull. Grocery shopping with a list is dull. Listening to your own whistling boog is dull. So, yeah.

Your turn!


Marie Roxanne said...

- I like to wear socks two days in a row, they're actually softer the next day... LOL
- I like to pretend I am rich, and start thinking about what I can do with the money (one recuring day dream is a vegan/plant based cafeteria in a retirement home and curing all the senior's diseases)
- I have false teeth and don't wear my bottoms because they hurt. They don't show anyways so it's un-noticeable when I talk or smile (But it makes it difficult to chew my food, so anything raw like a salad or a carrot stick/apples, even steamed veggies are too hard... are out of my eating plans)

Pam Brewer said...

-I drive safely and cautiously, but when I get to my driveway I gun the engine and roar into the garage--Home Free!
-I use tinfoil over and over.
-I don't like the feel of polyester on my skin. It makes me sweat.

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