Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summer Afternoon

Summer afternoons are drawing to an end. Soon we will no longer be able to treat our backyard as the extra room in our house. The girls play in the yard. I sketch or do yard work or play with them. The dogs lounge and play. The cats sit and the back door and watch/snooze. It is all quite lovely and I miss it during the summer months. So we are soaking it up these last few weeks of summer. Fall will be here soon enough and along with it will come pumpkins and coats and lots of leaf raking, but for now the sprinklers are still running and the pink lemonade is still flowing.

I call these Bob Ross clouds, happy little clouds that they are.

Sun through the trees

You're under the spy glass (that is a rather obscure SNL reference).

Cordelia with her doll, she calls the doll Star. Eric and I have no idea what doll it is (a thrift shop treasure) and we suspect it might be a Kathy doll, as in the comic strip Kathy...

Hding out in their "clubhouse" playing a game they call Barking Dog. I am not sure what the rules are, but the gist of it is that they get the dogs all riled up and then run to the "clubhouse" and watch the dogs.

dogs playing
The dogs do this for a couple of minutes and then lay in the sun until the girls get the game going again.

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