Friday, December 26, 2014

Phone Photo Friday: 12.26.14

Hello. How are you doing post-Christmas? We are nearly snowed in and plan to spend the day at home. I promise to give the full Christmas report tomorrow, but let's get through phone photos first.

Eric and Elise, watching Cordelia rehearse for her Sunday school play. I will include some photos of that performance in the Christmas run down tomorrow.

My parents and Elise (digging for gold) while watching Cordelia's performance.

One last shot of Bumblebee in her cone. I removed her sutures (suture removal is one of my specialities) earlier in the week and she is now happily cone free.


My mister.

Lucy likes to play with the tub plug, carrying it around the house. We often have to hunt for it.

Lefse making with my mother.

Lefse making. Turned out so well this year!!

Eric reading to the girls.

Christmas Eve dinner.

Christmas at my parents house. Cordelia enjoying and wearing some of her presents.

Eric and Elise on Christmas morning.

We had a very white Christmas!

1 comment:

Sarah Purdy said...

I've never had lefse before - does it taste like a crepe? Do you use a special pan to make it?

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