Wednesday, December 10, 2014



Hello and happy Wednesday! I am feeling a confession posting coming on....please join me!

I feel genuine rage when I eat a pitted olive and bite into a piece of pit. OK, that was a major overstatement, but it really does annoy me to the point that I fantasize about calling the olive company and requesting my money back. You know, the money I paid for pitted olives?

I like having the occasional margarita, but that is 98% based on my desire to lick salt from the rim of my glass.Would you judge me if I salted the rims of all of my drinks? Orange juice, water, soy milk?

While teaching I sometimes go off on totally random tangents and then like slamming on the brakes of a car I stop mid-sentence and just stare at my students for a moment. I will admit the tangent and then carry on as if it had never happened. I don't do this to be funny, it is just a weird habit.

I am like a heat sensing wizard I can almost always gauge your body temperature to within a few degrees (between 98-103, FYI)...unless you are frozen or on fire, then who knows. 

Speaking of my students. One girl was tearing up a piece she had been working on and when I asked her why she replied, "Because it was the worst painting in the world." My instruction to her was to go and paint the actual worst painting in the world---then when she felt done to try and make it even worse.

I have a secret drawer in my home that is filled to the brim with paperwork that needs to be filed. I hate filing almost as much as I hate going to the post office.

The bell ringers that are out around the holidays leave me feeling guilty at all times. I can go in one store, drop change in a bucket and then I will still feel guilty when I walk by the bell ringer at the next store.

Sometimes I wander around smiling and I am pretty sure I look insane.

Sometimes when I drive I am frowning for no reason and I am pretty sure I look insane.

I actually stop and smell the roses, lilacs, tree back, moss, whatever.

Your turn!


Sarah Purdy said...

I always love confession posts! I get ragey when "seedless" Clementines have seeds. Ari used to be gung-ho on "baby oranges" and then he got one with seeds. Now he won't touch 'em. Arg!

Mom said...

I also hate going to the post office AND filing. That's not my confession, though. My wicked confession is that I actually feel some pride for having passed those feelings on to you.

Anne Jezek said...

I lied to a woman who was asking for donations for an organization here just so I didn't have to listen to her schpele. I looked her right in the eyes and said, "Oh, we already donate." Smiled, and walked away. (Before this makes me look like a "B" word. I was 8 1/2months pregnant and we DO donate...just not to her cause).

Anne Jezek said...

Here's another one...this confession stuff feels good! I love cats, you could say I'm a Cat Person, but our new neighbor's cat freaks me out! It has huge ears, was shaved when we got here (who shaves a cat all the way to the skin?!), and I shudder every time I see it's creepy eyes staring at me from the window.

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