Friday, February 6, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 1.6.15

Friday is upon us once again. Here are my phone photo offerings from the past week.

We got these vintage binoculars at an estate sale.

The girls have had fun with them.

I made vegan waffles for the first time and they were a success!

My parents went to North Carolina to visit my brother Ben and his wife Casual Sara. We watched their dog Bode.

While my parents were in NC they kept sending photos like this

And this.

Eric and Elise

Cordelia with her stuffed dog Fluff. She got the puppy at IKEA last summer and she has raised him/her to a pretty important place in her heart. Fluff wears clothes every day, stolen from Elise's closet, goes to preschool (they are allowed to bring something for morning circle time), sleeps with her at night, and travels with us when we go places.

Dance class. A bunch of kids in front of a mirror is pretty hilarious by the way. 

My best bud. Bumblebee knows how to relax.


Laying on the carpet in our bedroom, both girls find their way in there to play and roll around on the rug throughout the day.

Cordelia chillaxing on the rug.

Mike and I helping Eric with his skull casting.

Cordelia has been performing My Little Pony Theater. Pretty much this means that we just sit on the couch and watch her play.

Elise on her way to dance class.

Tough to be a basset.

Happy Friday!


Sarah Purdy said...

The girls are getting so big!! I would find time every day to roll on a rug like that too!

Mom said...

Great photos! Credit for the beach photos goes to Casual Sara.

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