Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Growing Season

Yesterday it was over 50F in our town. The first really warm(ish) day of the season. What that means in this part of the country is that people pretty much freak out and act like it is the hottest day in July. People wear sandals. People rage around the neighborhood on 4wheelers (it is Wyoming). People barbecue. People wear sleeveless shirts. Some people wear no shirts. It is pretty crazy considering that there are still drifts of snow in every single shadow. Never mind all of that though, I saw the first flowers blooming this afternoon while we took a walk, and I knew it was time to plant.

The girls are old enough now that they can follow instruction pretty well, so I was able to talk them through the process.

Cordelia was a little more independent where Elise still needs close monitoring. She wanted to eat the seeds as a snack.

They took turns with everything. Both girls are very focused on fairness right now..and probably forever.

Cordelia insisted on wearing a strappy dress like the true Wyoming girl that she is.

elise hands
Elise has entered the phase of worrying about dirt on her hands. Don't worry I will solve that problem in the coming days. We are going to get muddy as this snow continues to melt.

Cordelia was not satisfied with the holes that Elise poked in the soil and had to show her how it is done...

This one...

and that one.

When we were done we set the whole shebang onto a safe (from Lucy) shelf and will now wait for our seeds to sprout.


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Emily said...

It has been so nice here with the more daylight and warmer temperatures. I'm so ready for spring!

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