Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Project: Personalized Jean Jacket #2

So many of you have been reading this blog for so long that maybe you remember this post (click here) where Cordelia got to personalize her own jean jacket. Oh my goodness, did you look at that post of Cordelia in the jacket? Seriously, drop everything and look at that girl. My heart hurts...ahhhh! How?! That was three years ago almost to the day, that is all people. Everything has changed since then, yes it is all good stuff, but good gravy (yes I talk like this in real life).

Hold on, I must compose myself. I am seriously emotional as it has just occurred to me that Eric and I have created the two most adorable girls that were ever made ever in all of the evers. Before you get your panties in a twist about how darling your own offspring are let me assure you that my opinions are genetically biased and you will never ever convince me that I am wrong. Although I think this girl is third place for most adorable, and that is probably mostly all of the French sweetness. Anyway, I digress...

Let's see, where were we?

Ah, yes, jean jacket.

So it only seemed natural that Elise should follow suit and pick out her own patches to make her jean jacket. Right? Right. 


First we started with the jean jacket which I bought on clearance about six months in advance, when Target was switching out seasonal clothes and marked it down by 50%. Next we took her to the same store and let her choose her own patches.


Elise opted for a skull (like her sister) and two flower patches, which you cannot really see in the photos as they are covered by the lapel of her coat. Let me assure you that they are very glittery. She also chose a cupcake patch, because it spoke to her.


Eric adhered the patches and then I sewed them on for good measure as iron on patches never really seem to stay put do they?


Elise is incredibly proud of her jacket and looks especially hip in her little ensemble.


Anne Mason-Jezek said...

I can reaffirm your feelings about you guys making the cutest little girls ever. I say this only having produced a boy offspring, so it's objective. Yup, totally objective. ;)

Sarah Purdy said...

I am *literally* squee-ing out loud. Seriously. The cuteness is about to break the internet!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! And little Cordy...OMG. Excuse me, I have to go clean up my heart because it's melting all over the place.

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