Friday, April 3, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 4.3.15

Hello and happy Friday!! I hope you have nice weekend plans. We certainly hope to have a fine weekend. Here is a look at the week past. We spent a lot of time outside.

Cordelia and her stuffed dog Fluff surveying the landscape on an evening walk.

Eric and Elise swinging. She likes to shout,"I am going to touch the sky!"

Cordelia and my father...doing something with a plastic hoop.

Elise and my mother on the back porch of my parents' home.

Baby brother, always my baby brother.

My mother and Elise on a walk after our family dinner on Sunday.

Cordelia with her Uncle Sam.

Heart melt.

Elise and my father. I mean, come on!

Eric and Cordelia.

Sweet Bumblebee my constant companion.


I took the girls on a mother daughters movie date. We went to a new theater that has recliners.

That face! Covered in Popsicle and sunshine.

We had our first back patio meal of 2015!

From an evening dog walk.

Parenthood is this.

Earlier in the week I got the bright idea of walking to the nearest grocery store, miles away. En route we stopped at a park. All was well until we headed home. I had not really noticed that the whole trip had been downhill. The return trip was uphill pushing a behemoth stroller. I was noodle armed and covered in sweat when we made it home.

This guy.

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