Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Frienniversary 3

Sunday Sarah and I celebrated three years of friendship. We know the date of our friendship because we met the day after her son Ari was born and just under two months before Elise was born. What a strange time to make a new friend---being so overwhelmed and exhausted with a new baby. However I think that was probably what we most needed right then, something that was just for us---a new friendship. Three years in we are still going strong. Those initial infatuations of early friendship have begun to give way to a comfort and support that just come with time. Sarah is gorgeous, hilarious, smart, caring, independent and strong. I am so thankful for our friendship.

To celebrate our third frienneversary we opted to take a hike on a local trail that has a few challenging moments, but is mostly mellow so we could talk and enjoy the day.

The rain we have had over the last month made for a soggy trail and we had to ford a few streams, but it was just so very gorgeous that it didn't matter.

A good friend in this life is just such a gift. 

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Sarah Purdy said...

Wow, I can honestly say, this is the absolute best post you've ever written. And this friend, Sarah.... so gorgeous and humble, ya know? :) Haha It was a great day, indeed! Where's the caterpillar video?? The world needs to see dem caterpillaz!

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