Monday, June 1, 2015


Yesterday was a pretty perfect day. I spent some frienniversary time with Sarah (more on that tomorrow). I went garden shopping with my mother and the girls (one of my all time favorite things in this life is looking at plants, chatting and being with my mother and daughters). Then I spent the evening out back trying to work through the explosive growth that we have had after a month of rain.

dirty feet

worm hand

Elise worm

running dogs

Me and girls




Betty Sprinkles

Today I have to get some groceries as our fridge is pretty much only condiments and I have made some weird meals (olive sandwich anyone) in an attempt to put off a trip to the grocery store. Then I plan to spend the rest of my day outside with the girls. I am going to work in the garden. I am sure there will be a lot of play. Some meals outside, some "cloud gazing" as Cordelia loves to throw out a blanket and look at the sky. Elise is happy to join her. I love this time of year.


Sarah Purdy said...

It was an absolutely lovely day, made better by the awesome hike with my bestie! :) I'm so happy that summer is finally here!!

Mom said...

I enjoyed spending that time with you as well!

These are some great photos. I am mystified by the one of Eric with the camera. How? I love it!

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