Thursday, July 23, 2015



Time for confessions!

•My inbox situation is out of control. When Eric sees my 300+unread messages he starts to sweat. In my defense many of them are junk mail that I plan to deal with (probably never) or stuff that I marked as unread for some reason or another. About three times a year I dig in and sort it all out. You might be thinking,"Gee it would be so much easier to just deal with email as it comes in," but that type of logic holds no bearing in my reality.

• I went to the house of a friend this week and while there I noticed that her family has two regular hammocks and three chair hammocks. When I asked her about it she said that she and her husband were tired of their kids taking over hammock time so they bought chair hammocks for the kids. Genius! $30ish each on Amazon....tempting.

• I feel bad for flowers when I cut them. I might whisper an apology, it is not weird at all I promise.

• Belly buttons kind of freak me out; not their original purpose. I can handle newborn belly button stuff all of that is no biggie. Adult belly button is just kind of nasty. Even the most accessible belly buttons are full of strange wrinkles and folds. What is lurking in there? I don't want to know!

• Yesterday I spilled my coffee while working at the computer. I was quite dramatic and coffee   shot up into my eyeball. Now my keys are sticking. Do I need to buy a new keyboard or is this a fixable problem? 

• I have been engaged in a turf war with mice. I noticed a mouse, really Betty spotted it, by the bird feeder. Rule of thumb is that if you see one mouse it represents one billion more trying to invade your home and kill your family with hantavirus or bubonic plague. I am in no way going to kill mice, but I don't want them to move in when the weather cools down in a few months. So I stopped feeding the birds. I have also started a serious plan of attack with the garden. I have been landscaping and removing the long leafy stuff that they were using for cover. I am also spraying the perimeter with peppermint oil as they are supposed to dislike it immensely. So far I seem to be winning. I haven't seen a mouse in about two weeks. Betty is bummed.

• I am often not sure what day of the week or month it is as my schedule is so weird.

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Anonymous said...

1) My inbox could put Eric into a frenzy... I have 1537 unread, many in my inbox are read but just stays in my inbox, 84 spam, and only 4 in the trash.

2) I tried a hammock and it doesn't like me... Sigh.

3) I think if you wiped up the coffee spill right away with a wet dishcloth you could have saved the keyboard... I feel it's time to give it a funeral before it suffers complete electronic destruction and you could find it going zippity zap.

4) I am now on break of a housecleaning blitz. So I decided on your blog to read! I am glad I did, I love confession time.

P.S. Are you going to do a "Kindness Bandit" post soon? I miss those.

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