Friday, July 17, 2015

Phone Photo Friday. 6.17.15

Please bear with me as I interrupt this Seattle review for phone photo Friday!

Playing witch and princess on Elise's birthday.

Elise and Eric in Cheyenne on Elise's b-day.

Eric and Cordelia

Plane view


Riding the car rental shuttle was a thrill for the girls. I swear. I know Elise looks like she is zoned out here, but she was thrilled. Thrilled I tell you!

Space Needle

Seattle Center fountain.

Ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. Even though the ferry was perfumed with the scent of human urine the girls found it magical. 

Cordelia and me on the ferry.

Sunday morning on the beach. This is what happens when I ask them to look at the camera and smile.

Flower girl.

Flower girls.

Last ride on the ferry.

Visiting the Japanese Gardens.

Ready for a late return flight.

Back home in the hammock!

Around the house.

How was your week?


Victoria said...

What a crazy week! Traveling with children...exhilarating and exhausting!I am so happy to know you have hammock therapy!!...thanks for the peek of Changing of the Guard xo

Sarah Purdy said...

Lunar phases wall hanging!! You're quick! Looks awesome. What a wild week you've had! Looking forward to getting together soon to catch up. Oh, and shuttle with two kids, two carseats (it's like companies go out of their way to make those things awkward to carry) and suitcases...we've been there. Stressful and sweaty for sure.

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