Saturday, July 18, 2015

Seattle Part 3

Sunday was wedding day. The girls and I awoke and took a walk in the morning mists that are so very lovely in the Pacific NW. We wandered around the grounds of the resort and eventually made our way down to the rocky beach at low tide (Eric was watching Wimbledon finals). Cordelia and Elise were absolutely enchanted by all things beach. There were so many tiny crabs that we pretty much had to carefully wander as we watched them scuttle and hide. A while later we met up with Eric and grabbed breakfast before heading into Bainbridge.



Elise at the beach

We stopped in at the Bainbridge Art Museum which was free! The museum was really great and had a lot of activities that kept the girls interested and engaged. After the museum we wandered around Bainbridge before heading back to the hotel. 

Eric and the girls at the museum.

I made lunch in the hotel room and then it was time to get wedding ready.

 elise hair
Getting ready for the wedding.


Elise killing time between photos

With Charlotte.

 looking at water
We do love the water.

The girls were in a few pre-wedding photos and then it was time to head to Farm Kitchen. The location was near Poulsbo and it was just beautiful. I mean seriously the day could not have been more beautiful. The location was set at a small farm with gardens. Just breathtakingly beautiful. We wandered around after the girls were given their direction (they had missed rehearsal) and we just had to wait for guests to arrive.

 eric cordelia and elise
Eric and the girls hanging out before the wedding.




My mister.

Finally it was time to begin. We left the girls in line under and arbor. We spotted Charlotte who was absolutely stunning. Then we took our seats. The wedding party made their way in and finally it was time for the flower girls. They had a pretty long walk, but they made it up the aisle and to their seats with us. As they were walking I heard someone whisper,"I am not sure they are going to make it, but they sure are trying." They looked so darling and did a great job.

Jake and Charlotte got married. It was absolutely sweet and loving, just what you want in a wedding. I couldn't be happier for them both.

Charlotte and Jake
Charlotte and Jake

Charlotte and Jake
The happy couple.


After the wedding we spent the rest of the evening enjoying Farm Kitchen. We ate, there were lawn games, dancing, vegan desserts. Finally it was time to head back to the hotel with two very happy kids.

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Sarah Purdy said...

What a gorgeous place for a wedding! Charlotte looked stunning and the girls were adorable, too!

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