Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Last night we needed some family time and Cordelia suggested that we check out her "hideout." So we decided to head  out for a walk and an adventure. For Eric and I it was just an evening stroll, but for the girls it was an adventure.

We walked about four blocks to a nearby park where Cordelia and I had recently discovered a small area with trails beneath large bushes and trees, meandering along a low creek.

The sisters held hands along the way. Eric and I smiled and trailed along.

We crossed the bridge into the hideout territory.

It was an absolutely beautiful evening and  Elise kept shouting (her voice only has one volume: shout) that it was so very beautiful out. She stopped to smell flowers and throw sticks into the creek or any puddle she spotted.

We wandered along the hidden paths.

Cordelia found her hideout and proudly showed her father.

When she was about to step into mud Eric warned her not to get her brand new shoes (they were on their maiden voyage) muddy. She replied,"An adventurer doesn't care about new shoes." Although they remained clean so perhaps fashion forward adventurers care a little bit about shoes.

We had a lovely evening, just an hour or so in the golden light before we put the girls to bed. 

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