Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Today I am almost certainly going to cry in public. I  cannot help myself. Elise is starting preschool today. I am not ready. She is very ready. Cordelia has spent the past few weeks sharing all of the details with Elise: giving tips, warnings, explaining the progression of the day. Elise is excited as she knows the teachers and the school. She has shown tons of confidence, but I really hope this little introvert will not panic when the reality hits her. She will love it. I keep telling her and myself that she will have so much fun!

Today is also another first, Cordelia begins homeschool! We have been dabbling over the summer, but today is the official kick-off of our curriculum. She is so excited! We have been counting down the days. I have been prepping materials and planning our time. I have been giving myself pep talks and I have prepped some fun projects for Cordelia. Most of all I am excited for the stuff beyond the curriculum, exploring her passions and helping her learn how to  feed her very curious mind.

Tomorrow I will have a full report.


Images Animated Gif said...

Have a nice week!

Mom said...

Life is so fluid, isn't it? It just keeps flowing and changing and bringing new joys.

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