Thursday, November 19, 2015

Frankenbasset Update

Old lady Bumblebee is still on the mend from her operations. She had six growths removed a few weeks ago. A few of those growths were in tricky areas. One on her tail was particularly vexing as there was not enough skin to cover the wound so we have had to take special care of it as her body has made scar tissue. Thankfully she is starting to grow hair back, her shorn rump was rather undignified.

Sweet Bumblebee has no idea that she is old and her body is starting to let her down. I suppose this is a good thing as she hasn't let all of the wounds slow her down much. She still races around the house barking and playing with Betty and Lucy...although she suprivises more than she engages.

Her arthritis medicine has been a game changer and she is much more agile than she was a few months ago. Her soft cloudy eyes tell the truth of her age, but for now we are happy to be in a calm spot of healing. My old hound friend is a constant shadow, always near me. She sleeps by my bed and always waits for me to get up in the morning. We pause for just a moment. I scratch her gently as her tail thumps on the wooden floor. This old girl is quite a treasure.

1 comment:

Daphne said...

Geriatric animal friends are so sweet and wonderful.

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