Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Winter Alert

A winter storm is on the way. The girls keep peering out the window, waiting for the snow to start falling. It is already starting to fall a bit, but we have no accumulation as of yet and they (the wizards of Doppler) are predicting up to a foot of fresh snow. Today I will stock up at the store. I need to buy Elise some snow pants as she has finally outgrown her 18 months snow pants. How a giant like me has a petite child is an interesting study in genetics.  Cordelia is no giant either. I am thankful that these girls of mine will not have to suffer through cold ankles from pants that are never long enough or struggle to find boots that fit big feet but skinny calves (seriously this is impossible). Although they will never get the satisfaction of being able to reach the back of the top shelf at a grocery store. 


Where was I?

Oh yeah,  snow...winter is coming and all of that.

My plan today is to finish the last clean up out back. We have a few summer items still lingering on the back patio, reminding me that it will be many months until I can hammock again. I may buy a sled as we have no sleds and they are an important part of childhood. 

I am looking forward to four days with my husband and the girls. My family will be over for dinner tomorrow, but I feel no pressure about the meal. I am a pro at this point. I am looking forward to some forced quiet time to work on projects and enjoy our home. 

I love when storms coincide with home time, we won't have to worry about work or preschool or errands. We will just spend the next few days hanging out at home, eating good vegan food and enjoying the space heater.

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Kate said...

Audrey Hepburn had big feet and skinny calves. You should get her old shoes. Or access to her

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