Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Project: Picture Frames and Bath Salts

The girls and I have been making presents to give out this year (act surprised if you receive one). I found a few projects which were simple enough that we could complete them together. You still have time to make these if you are searching for a few homemade ideas.

First up 

Lavender Bath Salts

• 3/4 c Epsom Salt
• 1/2 c sea salt
• 2 Tbs safflower oil
•1/8 tsp vitamin E
•10 drops lavender essential oil
• 2 Tbs dried lavender, we used some that we had gathered from the garden this summer
•containers, I purchased special containers for a couple of dollars each, but any container will do. You will have 1 1/4c bath salts when done
*optional gift tags, explaining to add some to a hot bath.

1) Add salts to a large bowl. Mix
2) Add oils and mix.
3) Add lavender and mix.
4) Place in containers.

The girls enjoyed measuring, mixing, pouring and smelling. Since this isn't a precise recipe I didn't mind much if they over poured.

Our next project was soooo easy!

Decorated Frames

• Cheap frame from store, just make sure it has a flat edge to adhere your bits and bobs. Our frames were $0.99
• Bits and bobs- we used these glass stone things, but anything goes.
•Strong adhesive that will maintain a bond.
•Cute photo

1) Remove the glass and backing from the frame and set aside.
2) Adhere bits and bobs to the exterior of the frame. Since we were using a strong adhesive I applied the adhesive one section at a time while the girls worked.
3) When adhesive is dry, check to make sure the whole deal is structurally sound. Return the glass and backing. Add a picture and you are all set.

Cordelia made a pattern while Elise was happy to attack it haphazardly.

I also had the girls sign the back of the frame. Elise can write her name now!!!

There you have it!

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

we've been making together around here, too. :)
your girlies are so cute.
merry christmas making and giving!

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