Thursday, December 31, 2015


Every year I have a long list of resolutions that I am perpetually adding to or ticking off. New Year's is a great time to check in with that list. I know some people do not love the idea of resolving to do something just because it is a new year, but I am happy for any reason to examine areas where I would like to grow and move forward.

My list is always long and ambitious, but I don't give myself a deadline...I just work on it with more or less success.

This year my list is a continuation of several points that I hit year after year as I grow my goals deepen or expand for new growth in areas that I am constantly picking at over the course of my life. I am not going to give you the whole list as some of it is kind of boring, but here are a few of my major goals:

1) Make some actionable goals for helping animals in my community. I feel very called to helping animals, but I am often overwhelmed and too emotional about the issue to make progress. For Christmas Eric and my parents worked together to send me to a conference this summer. When I go I want to have some real ideas so that I can get the most of my experience and start making a real difference in my community or wherever I am called to help.

2) Continue to pursue my art career. Each year is better than the last, but now I am ready to make a leap. I feel like my work has really grown and I am the artist that I was meant to be. Now I am just pushing forward. One goal to that end is to have a family friendly foreign residency. I am aiming for some time in 2017, which means that 2016 is for researching, applying and then finding out how to fund such an excursion. I have been afraid about the financial cost, letting time pass as I wait for some sort of miracle---but I think this is a case of leap and the net will appear. I know there are plenty of grants and other opportunities available. I will just have to find them. I have one life and I want to see the world with my husband and to show our girls how amazing our planet is.

3) Organize myself. I am a fly by the seat of my pants person. I do not love having days planned and organized. When I know exactly how every minute of every day will go I feel like there is no joy. I hate that everything has deadlines and time limits...but I am also a grown woman. I realize that I live in a world that requires greater organization. So last night I dug out a day planner (my phone is just not the physical kind of planner I need) and filled out daily and weekly plans AND long term plans with scheduled in advanced prep. My goal is to look ahead once a week and make sure that I am ready for the days ahead. I know my children will appreciate just a little more structure as well. With that said I know my own self and I made my projects and goals reasonable. If I get too ambitious I will fail and abandon. I did schedule in time for my other goals too, making sure that I hit them with regularity. So here is hoping that I can finally find a way to structure my life without feeling too regulated and joyless.

What are your goals and plans for the new year?

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Roxanne Veinotte said...

For the past 10 years I have been away from my religion, so I am going back to it.
I am also getting married.
I will have a budgeting tool and will use it to manage the money coming in each month. Daily entering expenses and seeing the savings grow and debt disintergrate will be enough motivation to keep my income/expenses under control.
I plan to take care of myself better, saying no when I am overwhelmed and not truly not wanting to do something, and saying yes to things I know I can handle and truly want to do.
I am planning on taking my business idea from my head to work in 2016.

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