Friday, January 8, 2016

Phone Photo Friday:1.8.2016

First full week of 2016. You're under the spyglass.

Cordelia made herself an ensemble, featuring my boots. 

Making something with circuits. It was loud and fun.

Me, nothing like blinding white light to hide pores and blemishes and make my skin look like it is made of angel whispers. Don't overthink that last sentence---no sense to be found there.

Elise LOVES the Tyrannosaurus rex. She has this little guy that I find in the strangest places.  

Drawing a house. One of her pigtails was MIA, she is forever losing just one ponytail.

I packed this guy in Eric's lunch. He was bummed to be eaten. Vegans don't often get to feel guilty about their food choices; I wanted to remedy that for Eric.

Reading on her own! I cannot express what a joy it has been to teach this girl to read. 

These two. Somewhere in between the morning grooming which turns into morning play.

She wanted to join me as I worked on my morning sketch.

She made a self-portrait. I am pretty darn impressed that she did this on her own. She is 3!
Cordelia drew her own self-portrait like Frida. She and Elise spent some time looking at Frida's less intense paintings. We talked about the reasons that artists make self-portraits and different ways that artists choose to represent themselves through art. 

Eric and Cordelia. We met up for a little date while Elise was at school. She was very excited and would not stop moving.

Yesterday's sketch was a Prismacolor study of Georges de La Tour. I wrote my grad thesis on him (want to read my paper?!) and it was fun to look at his work from a purely creative perspective.

Elise at dinner. She told me she was too stressed to eat. When I asked her why she sighed. I think it was probably just because it was nearing bedtime. She ended up eating her entire meal and then asking for snacks.

Eric and Cordelia practicing for a talent show. They will perform My Girl. It is too sweet to bear.

Sometimes it is the little things that make me lose it. Those little feet are going to touch the ground soon. Life is moving too fast! Ahhhh!!!!

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Victoria said...

Just love everyone of these and everyone of YOU!

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