Friday, March 11, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 3.11.16

Week in review here we goooooo

Last Friday at the fire station tour. Cordelia was surprisingly knowledgeable about fire safety. We have talked about it, but she knew some real info. She also made us test our fire alarm this week.

Last Friday was a really good day. After the fire station we met up at a park with homeschool friends for play and 
picnic. Then we drove to a nearby town and explored a bit before playing at another playground. The girls were so happy for a fun day of play.

Exploring with the family.

We ended last Friday with dinner out, a rare treat.

Ophelia on her perch at the printer. She has access to the printer from the stairs. She can't really climb or perch anymore, so this gives her that cat vantage. I tried putting a bed on the printer for her, but she would have none of it.

Saturday morning means pancakes. Elise reminds me of this fact every Saturday. Actually she begins asking about pancakes on Sunday and each day until Saturday. She is ready to help with the pouring and mixing. 

Cordelia is also interested in cooking. She asked to make her own lunch and came up with this concoction: jam, olives, ketchup and mustard on tortilla. She ate it all. I rounded out her nutrition a bit with healthy snacks later.

Working in the studio every day. 

Pirate harmonica player.

Got some good news, Bumblebee has an infection and not cancer!

Elise, Eric, a cookie.

Beautiful on the outside, yes, but she has a kind and tender heart that shines so brightly.

Cordelia and me

I tried to take a selfie with a cat to send to Eric...

I have a row of cabbage in my garden?! Found it when the snow melted. It wasn't there when I last checked in October.

Sisters looking at art. Kids just accept art, they don't need the how and why, they take it for what it is. I like that.

Yesterday I worked in the yard while the girls played. Then we climbed into the hammock (!!!!) and they took turns telling stories.

And then they just told each other stories.

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Susan said...

I love phone photo Friday!

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