Friday, August 4, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 8.4.17

Hello and happy Friday! We have gotten through our first major hurdle of a jam packed August. Last night was Eric's opening reception for a show that he has been preparing for over two years! We have also had a week full of fun with the girls. Let's look at the photos already!

Here is this photo...

Apparently I made it into the local paper this week.

Cordelia in front of the painting by Zak Pullen with Fluff.

Park life. This summer we are hitting up all of the school playgrounds which are inaccessible to us for much of the year.

Daily drawing of Eric.

Girls on a mountain. 

Beautiful Wyoming.

 A private commission from earlier in the week.

Vegan fajitas.


Museum tour as we completed our museum passport to adventure journey.

Pink poppy!

Lucy and Momo.

These kids are such funny people.




Eric and me at the end of his opening last night.

Happy Friday! 

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