Monday, July 5, 2010

Festive 4th: A Formal Review

Recently I discussed the fact that Eric and I are aiming to start some new traditions and last week I mentioned that we are also ready to get back to theme nights. Yesterday we decided to combine the two and go all out for the 4th of July.

Now we are not especially patriotic in normal life, but we decided to give it a go yesterday. We also wanted to do it without spending a ton of money. So, we stopped by the local party store and spent less than $5 on a few American flags, some multi-colored crepe paper, and a special hat. We ran by the grocery store so I could get some ingredients for an all-American dinner and so I could make some vegan cupcakes for an ice cream social we planned to attend later in the evening.

Some festive decorations

We came home and I made some cupcakes. We took photos with the special hat, decorated the house, and Eric tried out a "themed costume". He wouldn't let me photograph the costume but I am welcome to describe it ---blue and white addidas pants tucked into knee high white socks, a red button-up long sleeve dress shirt with a white v-neck t-shirt over the top. We finally settled on some more traditional outfits.

The family
Team Fun

We had a delicious dinner of grilled vegan hot dogs, beans, fourth of July fruit salad, and chips.

red, white, blue fruit salad
Fourth of July Fruit Salad

veggie dogs
Vegan Hot Dogs

Somewhere along the way we listened to our version of patriotic music which included a couple of Johnny Cash songs and then Matmos' album Civil War. Cordelia was really into the beat heavy Matmos and decided that yesterday was the day to start dancing, so cute. She is also up to three steps in a row.

Filled to the brim with 4th Fever we decided that the tiny festive hat must be put to good use. See the photos below. Best 99 cents we ever spent, maybe.

Ophelia in the hat

Bumblebee in the hat
Bumblebee in the hat, with flag

Cordelia in the hat
Cordelia in the hat, with flag

We changed clothes, once again. I think I changed clothes at least 4 times yesterday, maybe 4 outfits because it's the 4th? One clothing change may or may not have been inspired by a leaky in diaper leaked onto me while we were in the store.

Anyway, we took a nice evening stroll through the park with Bumblebee before we headed out to an ice cream social where I dropped off my vegan cupcakes.

vegan cupcakes
Theme colored vegan cupcakes

Then we took a few minutes to walk around and enjoy the beautiful Wyoming sunset.

me at sunset
Outside at sunset

Cordelia and Eric outside at sunset

We didn't actually watch the fireworks, Cordelia was fast asleep and we were watching the Will Smith movie Independence Day. In case you were wondering, yes we're that cool.

How did you celebrate?


Stacy said...

Awesome celebration. I particularly like Eric's outfit. I went to see Eclipse and spent the evening up on the roof with a neighbor and some wine.

Michael said...

It was a beautiful New Mexico evening, warm with a cooling breeze. We took a refreshing dip in the pool, then had a lovely dinner of teriyaki salmon, sweet and savory wild rice salad, potato salad with yogurt, arugula and dill and watermelon with fresh lime, alfresco by the pool with the fireworks over the mountains as our backdrop...good friends good food...perfection!

elizabeth said...

we participated in a parade - went swimming in the lake behind my parents' house - ate lots of yummy food - my husband won the impromptu horseshoe tournament - and we managed to not get carried off by mosquitoes while we had a fireworks show. :)

as usual, cordelia is rockin' the cuteness factor!

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