Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Today I am headed to the dentist for a checkup here in a few minutes. The dentist has a massage chair; for some reason I find it to be the opposite of relaxing. I am not one to feel uncomfortable at the dentist, but the chairs are weird. It feels like single fingers poking my kidneys. I never say anything because the hygienist is so sweet about it. She is excited and says, "I know how much you like the massage chair so I have it ready for you." I think what happened was that when we first started here they mentioned that they had massage chairs and I said something like, "OOOO fancy!" So they made a note and now I am stuck with it forever unless I want to say something to the thoughtful hygienist.

The girls played dress up last night. Elise is wearing this cape that Eric and I made for Cordelia when she was a little older than Elise is now.

Since we are on the topic of children; the soundtrack to Frozen has been on repeat. When it is not actually playing the girls are both singing it. Cordelia knows the song, more or less. She sort of sounds out things like the line Frozen fractals all around becomes Crozan frakals all around---and the line The past is in the past is sung by Cordelia as, The past is in the caaaaaast. Elise sings along, sort of. She picks out certain words and notes singing with emphasis as she twirls and gesticulates like Elsa.

Most afternoons when I should be productive as Elise naps and Cordelia plays I zone out on Pinterest and look for stupid/funny things to send to my friend Sarah. I like to think of this as my down time.

I haven't read a book in over a month because I am mad at a book. I won't name the book as that just wouldn't be nice, but I was really enjoying it and it took a turn toward the dumb. I was so annoyed that I tossed the book aside. Unable to finish it I am sort of stuck, feeling like I should see it through before I start another. I should note that I have a mountain of books that I want to read just sitting on my nightstand.

What is random in your life?


Sarah Purdy said...

1. I'm planning to download the Frozen soundtrack for our drive to Boulder next week.
2. I've always thought dentists should know sign language so I can continue talking to them despite the random pieces of equipment in my mouth.
3. I also think they should offer mani/pedis. If you're gonna be sitting in a chair for an hour, might as well multitask. #thinklikeamother
4. I do so love your afternoon Pins.
5. I've got two books going, neither of which I actually like but feel like I should because their the book club picks for that new book club in town and I really want it to be successful but I don't actually like the books.

Anne Jezek said...

I am LOVING the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear. She's British but is now living in the states. They are fun, smart, and I really enjoy them. You ladies should check, check, check them out!

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