Friday, February 20, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 2.20.15

Happy Friday, time for the weekly review.

Last Friday started out in Cheyenne. Eric had been out of town all week visiting an ill family member. We had met him in Cheyenne the night before for an art reception. The next morning we spent a little time in Cheyenne before heading back home. Eric found a pinball machine.

The girls went crazy at the mall play area which was awesomely empty.

It was nice to have them blow off a little steam before the trip home.

Saturday was Valentine's Day.

We gave the girls bunk beds (more on that tomorrow). 

Betty Sprinkles

Sweet Bumblebee

My aunt Karen, father's sister, came to town and we all went out for lunch.

My  dad got this fortune...

Betty in a hula skirt. Thanks Cordelia. I had to drW the line when she tried to put footie pajamas in Betty.

Eric and Ophelia shared a moment.

Cordelia in the snow.

Pink cheeks from eating snow.

Elise toes


Eric and Elise 


Betty and Lucy


Sent this to my bestie asking if I have crossed an age line where I look creepy wearing pigtails.

My mother made time to attend a dance class with both girls this week.

Cordelia and I 

Last night was Cordelia's preschool fundraiser/ family night. Sick of Winter. Dinner was chili (they made a vegan pot just for us!) followed by a family short film.

We enjoyed the event, but it was definitely bed time when we were done!

How was your week?


Sarah Purdy said...

I always look forward to Phone Photo Friday! (But, ahem, could you please change it to Fone Foto Friday, the alliteration loving teacher in me thanks you). Did you wear those piggies out??

Maria Rose said...

No! I will consider Phone Photo Phriday.

And nixed the piggies.

Sarah Purdy said...

Phine. I will accept it. But I don't pheel good about it.

Maria Rose said...

You are so phunny!

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