Friday, March 20, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 3.20.15

Once again Friday is here, reminding us how quickly time is passing. Eric returned home on Sunday evening from his trip to LA. We have spent most of the week just trying to keep our heads above water (or really puke) and stay ahead of all of the sickness. Currently I am trying to figure out if Cordelia is getting sick or if she just thinks she is; wish us luck.

Let's dive into my phone archives....

Cordelia, intensely organizing her My Little Pony cards and wearing a crazy dress. All dresses all the time. A little trivia, Cordelia's most common punishment for misbehaving (no, not her) is to lose dress privileges.

Friday night, out with my mother and the girls for a stroll. My mother came and stayed for the weekend. It was just supposed to be a fun sleepover night, but turned into an adventure for sure. I was so thankful to have both my mother and a nurse in the house.

Sick Elise wanted to be on me at all times and kept asking in her sad voice,"My tummy's hurting, what should I do?"

Sleeping Lucy and Betty. Pretty much living the life. Naps, food, play.

Saturday night ER visit. She was miserable and vomit covered when we entered and by the time we left she was rehydrated and enjoying a small break from the illness. She loooooved all of the special attention, once the medicine kicked in and she was less miserable.

Sunday afternoon Cordelia broke out in hives and Elise was still pukey. We spent a lot of time on the couch watching movies until our eyes shriveled like raisins, because that was all we could do.

Oh and naps.

Couch time---all weekend. It was crazy. We did take many reading and or staring off into space breaks. The girls would try to play for a bit and then Elise would just be so miserable.

A little break in the sock storm meant a few moments of play, usually ending when one or both dissolved into tears.

I managed to squeeze in a quick sketch painting. Somehow.

We double dipped on the doctor's appointment Monday. Follow up for Elise who seemed to be on the mend (spoiler alert: she threw up again) and Cordelia who needed steroids for a crazy allergic reaction. 

Cordelia, waiting to show the doctor the hives that covered her torso and spread over arms and legs. You can thank me for not showing you the pictures of her blistered hives. Fun fact: five year old kids on steroids are intense.

Betty thinks this is where she belongs.
I spent a lot of time sitting on the bathroom floor this week too. I bet you can figure out why I was there, wink.
That's right, sick with round two. Lucky for Eric he also got to participate in barf-o-Rama and found himself covered in toddler vomit on Tuesday (or was it Wednesday?) 

Elise recovered her appetite the next day! She has been on the upswing since.

Wyoming. I ventured out yesterday and just felt so happy to be so far away from the couch.

Pizza, nuff said.


Chocolate soy milk mustache.

And there you have it folks, another week in phone photos.

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