Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Interview with the Girls

Today I thought I would interview my girls together, since they are always together. Eric and I hit the jackpot with these two. Their friendship is amazing and beautiful. They play, nicely, for hours each day. Of course there are little spats from time to time, but honestly they are short lived. 

Whenever they are separated, like when Cordelia is at school, if one gets a treat (like a sticker at the store) she will always ask for one for her sister. They are amazing and their friendship is more than I ever dreamed it could be. I will do everything in my power to nurture their relationship.

With that said these girls are so different! I love seeing how their personalities meet and separate and how well that works for them. Cordelia is outgoing and affectionate. She is creative and emotional and amazing at math and science. Elise is, for now at least, wild and playful and a bit introverted. She is logical and coordinated. She is also so compassionate, they both are.

Me: Cordelia do you have a nickname?
Cordelia: Yes, Delia.
Me: Do you like it?
Cordelia: Yes, it is because Elise is trying to say my actual name. So I am OK with it, even though it is not my favorite.

Me: Elise do you have a nickname?
Elise: Yeah, Snacks.
Me: Do you like your nickname?
Elise: Yeah, but my name is Elise.

Me: What is your favorite snack to eat?
Elise: Ummm...(shouts) EVERY SNACK!

Me: Do you have any hobbies?
Cordelia: Going to the Science Zone and Taco Bell and snuggling with mommy.

Me:What is your favorite song to sing?
Elise: (singing and making hand motions) Brush teeth, go to sleep, and go poopy.
Me: Is that a song?
Elise: (singing) Yeah and then in the morning brush teeth and go poopy. Those are my favorite songs.

Me: What would be your favorite way to spend a day?
Cordelia: Going to the Science Zone!
Elise: I just saw a bird flying around the backyard!

Me: What is your favorite thing about your sister?
Cordelia: She is sweet and kind.
Elise: Thank you Delia, that was a really nice thing to say.
Me: What is your favorite thing about your Cordelia?
Elise: because she wants to be nice to me every day.

Cordelia: I love you mom. (kisses my arm)
Elise: (snacking after breakfast)

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Sarah Purdy said...

I love Elise's priorities. #allthesnacks

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