Friday, December 18, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 12.18.15

Well this week has been kind of intense. Mostly just because it is finals week and I have had an insane sinus situation. I feel optimistic that I am on the other side of things now...

You will notice that I am not in any photos from this week, that is because I am a dripping snot zombie (mental picture). Anyway, let's take a look at the week as captured by my phone.

Trying to wrap presents with Lucy. She rubbed the box. She clawed the paper. She batted the scissors with her paws. Difficulty level: 9 paws

Dinner with friends after the kids were asleep last Friday. One way Eric and I have found to have a social life after kids is to invite people over after the girls are asleep, around 7:30. Works great, but we always end up having a late night and inevitably the girls awaken when the sun is still brightly shining in Australia. Small price to pay for a nice time with friends.

I took the girls to see The Good Dinosaur last Saturday. I had wrongly assumed the movie was rated G. It was PG. I know for many a PG rating is fine, but it was a bit much for sensitive little girls. 

Elise brought along a stone t-Rex tchotchke that she got at a local museum and held him up high when there were T-Rex characters on screen.

Eric and Cordelia working on a little reading. Please note the glam necklace with bathrobe.

Sunday evening my parents took the girls Christmas caroling while Eric and I finished their Christmas shopping. They sang for me when they returned.

Morning cartoons and kitten snuggle. Most mornings look a lot like this.

I took the girls out front on Monday night just as the snow began to fall. I let them play in the snain (snow+rain=snain). It wasn't long before the snain turned to snow and the storm hit hard. Schools and work were cancelled for the next day.

There was a lot of snow by morning.

Lucy and the Christmas tree.


Sisters in the snow. It was so deep that I kept having to rescue Elise when she became lodged in a drift.

Cordelia in the snow. She had such fun.

Elise in the snow. The fresh powder was too loose for snowmen so they just made mounds.

After snow cocoa. Elise cannot yet say C sounds so she asks for a "grown up mug of hot totoa."

Cordelia with pink cheeks. I wish you could hear her laugh, it is a great laugh.

I had to knock these down as they hang over the walkway and I really didn't want the mail person to be impaled. 

Writing song lyrics.

Drawing a lion.

In the studio. I have been trying to work every night as usual, but I have definitely been waylaid by this illness. Usually at the end of the day I am happy to paint, but this week I have only had energy to ball up on the couch after doing some work for the colleges.

Eric reading to the girls before bed.

Santa hat mermaid tail

Elise working on a painting.


Puppet show

Puppet show

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