Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Review


Yesterday was Easter. I awoke my girl, who has eagerly been anticipating this holiday...which is kind of weird because I can't really explain it to her and we don't pretend that there is an Easter bunny or anything. Anyway I awoke my girl by telling her she got to wear her Easter dress (finally) and she was so excited she shook with excitement.

We got all dressed and could not find her white dress shoes. Eric and I were running around the house frantically hunting for them and no luck. Finally, totally exasperated, we just put purple tennis shoes on her feet and went to church. Her shoes were a hit, of course.

treee sweetie


and running

Later I made a relatively simple (prepared in an hour) Easter dinner for the family. My parents and youngest brother Sam came over to share in the meal. My mother made vegan rolls and an apple cranberry pie (so good). I made tofurkey, a few salads (please scroll down or click the links for recipes--today's post is actually 4 this post plus three posted recipes) lemon asparagus, couscous with almonds and cranberries, herbed baby potatoes and vegan deviled eggs. I used this recipe for the "eggs" and it was WEIRD, because it was pretty good and convincing. I did tweak the filling recipe as it called for a lot of salt and I wanted way more mustard. Anyway we set it all out, buffet style called it good. Simple and filling.

Buffet style

The obligatory tofurkey. Eric might revolt if I refused to make it.

fruit salad
Simple fruit salad

vegan deviled eggs
Egg free deviled eggs

After lunch Cordelia opened her Easter basket while we looked on.

C and grandpa

Then it was off to the backyard for an Easter egg (plastic eggs) hunt. She had a great time collecting them in her basket, then transferred them into a toddler sized shopping cart.

Me looking down


Cordelia with basket



We all came back in, chatted for a bit, ate some pie and then my parents and brother went home and Cordelia passed out.

and sleeping

How was your Easter? Do anything special?


affectioknit said...

Happy Easter!

Have a lovely day!

sara said...

i love cordelia's purple converse to match her dress. super cute!

Carmen said...

Sounds like you had alot of fun! I love the photo of Cordelia passed out on the couch. We told our kids that the bunny and Santa weren't real, but at the age of three Grace decided that they were. She was so adamant we decided to go along with it. We don't push it and well see how long it lasts.

Anonymous said...

I love her purple running shoes, they match with the dress. And Cordelia passed out on the couch, so precious!

Kate W. said...

Her smile is simply adorable! That little one has such a zest for life that is infectious! :) And your mom looks gorgeous! I love her long hair . . . wish we could have been there to say hello!

Stacy said...

Love the photo of Cordelia passed out... so much excitement! And that photo of you is stunning.

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