Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Brother!

Today is my brother Ben's birthday! My usual practice is to celebrate my family on the anniversary of their birth and today is no different.

You should know...
  • First off did you even know that I have a middle brother Ben? He lives too far away. Possibly it is to get away from being regularly featured in my blog, but it is more likely that he has other reasons for living on the other side of the country. (read more about our visit to see Ben and Sara last summer by clicking here, here, here, and here).
  • My brother has this great combination of spontaneity and responsibility. He makes a lot of quick decisions or does things that make most people clutch their hearts in terror, but somehow there is usually logic behind his choices.
  • He is very runs in the family. Wink
  • He just started his own business. Look for a link here in the near future!
  • Let me repeat that, he has started his own business and he is still in his 20s?! This isn't a "business" like people selling door-to-door or inventing their own projects. He is like one of those people who is well on his way to being a millionaire. I always knew he had high goals---since childhood he would always choose the most expensive item on the menu. Such taste must be matched with ambition and my brother has it!
  • He does crazy things that only super-athletic people do. For instance he did a mud run earlier this year. What's up with that?
  • He is also really loving and affectionate. 
  • He is such an amazing uncle. He seems to have a natural charisma in general, but it is like a drug to my daughter. He is wild to the point of being almost scary, but he just comes up with such fun ideas. 
  • He has accomplished more in his 27 years than most of us will in 60.

In  honor of my brother I thought I would share some photos from last summer of which I know he'd be proud....

Ben jump 1

Ben jump 2

Ben jump 3

Ben jump 4

Happy birthday brother! I miss you and I love you!

Ben and I


Anonymous said...

aw, what a beautiful post! happy birthday to your brother! cool photos too:)

Susan Struck said...


Tammie said...

aw, your brother sounds great. happy belated birthday to him!

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